Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If I Were a Twit

@theorganicindian: I get blood circulation problems when I'm in India. Limbs fall asleep frequently. Inexplicable medical mystery. Ideas, doctor readers?

@theorganicindian: TOI = Times of India. But also TOI = theorganicindian. Who do you turn to first for breaking news from South Asia? Yeah I thought so.

@theorganicindian: At my gym ppl wait around as trainers rack their wghts and practically lift their bar when spotting. U cant even work out w/o a servant?!

@theorganicindian: American franchise that would dominate in India #212: Taco Bell. Think on it.

@theorganicindian: Fav daily routine so far: listening to rap on my ipod in rickshaw to work. Contrast b/w what I see and what I hear is tremendous


  1. American franchise that would dominate in India #212: Taco Bell. Think on it.

    I was thinking about that last week and then I heard on the radio that TBell is planning to open up in India in 2010.

  2. LOL Just saw Bhoutik's was only a matter of time until TB got there.

    As far as blood circulation, how about picking up some yoga?

  3. Re: blood, yea, how are you eating/moving (exercising)?

    As far as resistance training goes, try working in a tactical push-up as my Sr RKC friend Sara explains:

    5x5 block, GTG "Grease the Groove" if you like.

    Add in the Pistol--aka the single leg squat--heel on the ground, good form, and you're all set :)

    If you want to learn more, I recommend Pavel's book _The Naked Warrior_ which drills down into using just variations on these two exercises to stay in shape anywhere, any time.


  4. i've thought of the taco bell thing but have u noticed when the relatives from india come here and they try taco bell...they don't like it. i don't kno mine never have. and what indian twist would they do to taco bell?