Monday, July 27, 2009

Bhavnagar: Where the Buffaloes and Blue Bulls Roam

This weekend Pareshbhai and I went out to visit two villages in Bhavnagar district. Our goal was to meet with farmers to discuss the DSC radio program: what they liked, what they didn't, how they'd like to see the program evolve in the future. We also wanted to get feedback on Avaaj Otalo, the phone-based information service I'm working on with DSC. I've put a slideshow below with plenty of captions to explain things. After you start the slideshow (big play button), hit the pause button and use the arrows to flip through, so you can actually read the captions. Hope you like!


  1. Wow! This was really informative...thanks for the slideshow.

  2. Loved the slideshow nelly... I want to be out there with you. One of these days.. I do want to come out with you and experience all this together!

  3. where r the women? great slideshow though!