Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Glass Half Full/Empty

I hung out at Anji's street school a couple weeks ago, where she told this story to the kids:

An old masi had two daughters. One was married off to a family that made papad for a living, the other to a family that made umbrellas. The old woman would remember her daughters often. Whenever it was a rainy day outside, she would think of her daughter who was in the papad family, and start to feel sad and cry. "What will she do? Her family will not be able to dry the papad in this rain, they won't be able to get by!" On sunny days, should would think of her other daughter in the umbrella family, and lament. "Poor daughter, there is no rain and thus no need for umbrellas, she and her family will suffer!" People in the old woman's village told her to visit a wise sadhu to help her daughters. She went to the sadhu, who said he had the remedy for this old woman. "What you do is this: on sunny days, remember your daughter in the papad family. On days that it rains, think of your daughter in the umbrella family. If you do that, all your troubles will go away."

The kids listened to the story intently, but didn't seem to grasp it. So Anji explained the glass half empty/half full analogy. Still not much dice. Later on in the day after I left she explained the whole story to them using money: If you had a Rs.100, you could be happy that you have something, or you can be upset that you don't have Rs.200. Then they got it right away.

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