Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Facebook Apps

Ever since Facebook launched their developer's platform, I've been really excited to create an application. Even though I don't use Facebook (it's against my religion), it's every software developer's dream to write stuff that a lot of people use and appreciate. Facebook apps give a great opportunity to do just that, and I want a piece of the action.

My first idea was to write an app to allow users to show what NGOs they support or serve with, so that the NGOs get exposure, support and possibly new recruits in a viral manner. Unfortunately, this idea was taken by one of the earliest Facebook apps (causes), and seems to have been spearheaded by an exec at Facebook itself.

So since that's out, I'm looking for other ideas. Since I don't use Facebook myself (but on occasion I log onto Maneka's to check things out... haven't gotten up the guts to start wall conversations with my friends on her account though), it's hard to get a gauge for what's useful. But then Maneka came up with a really cool and simple app she wanted me to make for her: a profile picture shuffler, where you can put any number of pics into a pot and specify a rotation including time periods to switch out your profile pics automatically.

I'm planning on doing this since it seems relatively simple and could be really useful. But I'm opening it up for suggestions from the two of you reading out there ... what kind of Facebook App would make you happy? Put suggestions in the comments to this post.


  1. I'm a myspacer but will need to check out Facebook before I make a valid comment. Great job on the blogs, I've been actively reading all of them, just not a huge commenter. ;)

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  3. I'm catching up neil... I'm catching up... it's my goal to read all of your blog by the end of this weekend!

    Facebook application... hmm... i'll have to think about it. I actually think that they've allowed too many of these applications and things are starting to get cluttered...

  4. I agree, the apps make it cluttered - and theres so many really annoying ones.

    But I still want my picture shuffler. But maybe we'll need a marketing strategy...