Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Bit RATtled

A day or so ago I was sitting to take a bath in my stall when a rat comes running out from the drain and into the stall. It scurried behind a bucket and I jumped up and let out a really weird yelp, not really out of fear but out of stunned surprise, almost like I was yelling out of obligation because that's what people do when they see a rat. It was like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhh". I quickly put on my underwear and open the door, hoping to coax that little bastard outside. It was a dirty little rat. Dark matted hair and a thick tail and slender little body. Eventually it ran back into the drain and that was that.

Needless to say I was horrified by the experience on many levels. First I was sitting there, naked, cleaning myself in one of my last bastions of sanitation. I had such faith that my shower area was clean and hygienic. And now that rat has come in and ruined my whole environment. Really that stall will never be the same for me. I have never felt so dirty after taking a bath as I did that day.

And later on, I realized that there was rat droppings in the corners that I had mistaken for some other debris that just had flown in from outside. And I washed my clothes on that floor!! alksfdjkals;jfadfjalfjasjfalksjfa. God I'm getting grossed out just thinking about it. My soap, my shampoo, anything that has touched the floor all are now compromised. I'm not sure if I can recover from this, really. I don't feel safe in this place anymore.


  1. Funny enough, I can actually hear you yelling like that. Better get your anti-rat gear ready and be "pickin' the lock, comin' through the door blaaastin'" :)

  2. Rats are f-ing disgusting.

    And you're right, everything IS compromised. lajfljadsflkasjf. Uggh.

    Still, I wish I could have heard that yelp. Rats are way worse than lizardos.