Sunday, July 1, 2007

Rain, Rain...

Today I took a rickshaw to Masi’s house and immediately it started raining. Hard. I was supposed to get back to the ashram the next day but there was too much standing water in the roads to be able to get to Gotri. Instead we sat inside the flat all day. It was a pathetic existence… sit around, talk, eat, sit again, sleep, etc. I felt completely lazy and missed my gym more than ever.

Masa and I went outside to try and go to the train station so I could buy my ticket to Bhuj, but we turned around in the middle because the water was too high in the roads. It was an amazing sight… I wish I had brought my camera. The water was calf deep and people were splashing through the streets on motorcycles, rickshaws, bicycles. We got splashed on by one guy going too fast on his scooty. After that I was satisfied to stay inside.

Inside I spent a lot of time with Masi and Bohti, talking about family mostly. Masi looked at my pictures twice, and especially liked Reshita’s sari pictures and the video of Laxmi and Dad’s garba video. No one really laughed at the watermelon video, which I still find hilarious.

Bohti told me about her school situation and how she is very interested on becoming a teacher. To do so she will need to pursue another year of school to get a B.Ed. Right now she is finishing her M.Comm after completing her B.Comm last year. She says she still likes the Business track, but really likes to teach, 7th standard and below. Ideally she could teach commerce, but that’s pretty low status.

The rain is really intense. The drops are fatter than what I’m used to seeing at home, and it comes down with the intensity of heavy rains at home, whereas it seems normal here. I was surprised by how heavy the drops felt and also by how it isn’t really cold while it rains.

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