Thursday, January 26, 2012


Latest breakthrough in the football program journey, below is an edited email from Virenbhai that tells the story:

Our kids have been loving playing football every day for the last six months. However, most of them do not have shoes and play despite injuring their feet. Earlier Football Action came to the rescue and donated some equipment, but there weren't enough shoes for the growing throng of players. But right on cue, last week a 75-year-old named Mr. Bhallaji from LA walked into MS and was looking for a program to donate to. After showing little interest in project after project, he came across the kids playing soccer and was moved to help. We explained that these kids were passionate for the game but lacked shoes. Seeing their enthusiasm, right then and there he wrote a check to purchase shoes for each and every kid!

The joy and exited spirit of our 50 kids can only be felt by seeing it. Two hours into the tuition class after receiving the shoes, a couple of them told me that they could not focus on anything but that first kick with their new shoes at 5pm! It was a blessing to watch them play with these new shoes. Thank you and God bless you dear Bhallaji.

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