Friday, July 9, 2010


Two funny signs/descriptions that I've come across recently:

Who knew eating a mango was so damn complicated? To prepare for eating, place in a certain orientation, wrap in newspaper, wrap in newspaper again, put in a corner of a room, put hard clothes on them? It's almost like a KESAR pooja. I didn't get to taste these, but they better have been one-in-a-million mangoes to go through all this trouble. Also, what happens if you don't do the pooja correctly? Do the mangoes deflate? Mutate into durians? And by the way, for the rest of my life any time I write KESAR I will use all-caps. Because I like to keep it real.

This is the lock we use for our apartment. Needless to say I am thrilled that Hitler protects our house. He even tested it himself, 'OK'? Only in India.

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  1. Some people say hitler didn't die in the bunker. Maybe he is testing locks in India?